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Wang Hydro-environment Informatics Research Lab

Modeling to connect big data and decision making

Latest Updates

A new CFD book published!

Our new CFD book has been published! Get it from here: Computational Fluid Dynamics: Applications in Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Treatment (06/30/2019)

Looking for motivated students to join WHIRLab

Various research opportunities will be available at WHIRLab. Motivated students are encouraged to send their CVs to Dr. Wang at rq.wang@rutgers.edu for inquiries. Undergraduate interns, visiting scholars/students, and Master/PhD students are all welcome. (06/30/2019)

New Grants Awarded

Recently, WHIRL lab received three grants: The Rutgers Raritan River Consortium Mini-grant, Rutgers Research Council Grant, and Rutgers Energy Institute Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program Grant! These will allow us to do AI, Offshore Wind, and Coastal Flood research. (06/03/2019)

New Method to save heavy computational load to support decision making

Our group published a new paper to propose a new method of DRESSA (Dimension REduced Surrogate based Sensitivity Analysis). This method has a great potential to save heavy simulation load to support decision making! (03/05/2019)

Lab Opening

Dr. Roger Wang moved to Rutgers University as Assistant Professor and started WHIRLab. (01/01/2019)

Invited talk at the Sustainable Urban Subsurface Systems Workshop

Dr. Wang gave an invited talk in the Sustainable Urban Subsurface Systems Workshop at New York University (06/25/2019)

Dr. Wang gave an invited talk at Princeton University

Dr. Wang was invited to give a presentation at the symposium of Building the Future: Smart Cities & New Technological Frontiers. (05/06/2019)

Co-organized a GeoAI session in the AAG Annual Meeting

We co-organized the GeoAI and Deep Learning Symposium: Geo-Text Data Analytics in the AAG Annual Meeting, Washington DC, 2019. (04/03/2019)

A Deformable Nano-sieve

We invented a new nanofluidic device that uses deformation to sieve particles of different sizes. The discovery has been published in Nanotechnology DOI. (06/03/2019)

Invited Presentation at UN Headquaters

Dr. Wang gave an invited presentation at the United Nations Headquaters in New York as part of the Multi-stakeholder dialogue and capacity-building partnership event. (01/25/2019)

Undergraduate Internship and visiting students welcome!

WHIRLab is interested to host undergraduate internship and visiting students. Please send your inquiry with CV to rq.wang@rutgers.edu for more details. (01/10/2019)

Our lab has a wide spectrum of research topics, including coastal resilience, urban floods, wind energy, aquaculture, multiphase flows, sediment transport, nano-microfluidics, etc.

Please read our work in the research section.