Environmental Engineering Analysis Tools (117:333)
Civil Engineering Analysis (180:301)

Spring 2019
This course applies state-of-the-art data analysis tools in analyzing civil and environmental engineering systems, and creating solutions and designs. Tools include, as examples, measurement tools and techniques, programming languages and software for graphics, statistical analysis and modeling. Tools may vary with current engineering practice.

The best student final presentations of Spring 2020:
The best student final presentations of Spring 2019:

Environmental Informatics (180:569)

Fall 2019
This course is aimed to introduce informatics tools and knowledge to generate, process, and extract environmental data, covering the life cycle of data in the field of environmental science and engineering. We will focus on 1) assembling, configuring, and deploying electronic sensors to collect data; 2) streaming, cleaning, and storing data; and 3) mining, visualizing, and communicating the information based on the collected data. This interdisciplinary course will cover the knowledge among environmental science and engineering, geological information systems, and data science. The tools will include Arduino/Raspberry PI, Python (Pandas), and GIS.

Fluid Mechanics (CE31003)

Fall 2017 and 2018 @ University of Dundee
To develop and extend understanding of fluid dynamical and hydraulic engineering principles as they relate to (a) the design of (i) hydraulic structures and (ii) pumped pipework systems and (b) the mathematical solution of practical problems associated with fluid flows.